Q: What do you get if you take a vintage Pye radio and combine it with a Raspberry Pi?

A: A Raspberry Pye!!!!

This website has been setup to follow my progress bringing a faulty vintage Pye radio back to life using a Raspberry Pi and open source software.

I am a beginner when it comes to electronics and programming and I am hoping that by following this project others may look to step outside of their comfort zone and try something new.

Head over to the Blog page to follow my journey…

The Plan

The plan is to remove the innards of the radio and replace it with a Raspberry Pi and possibly a Hifiberry Amp+.  Whilst it would be nice to use the existing tubes for amplification, this is probably a step too far for me at this stage (and potentially unsafe).

As well as scouring the internet for inspiration, I will also be using some of the excellent guidance published by Bob Rathbone which can be found here: http://www.bobrathbone.com/raspberrypi.htm


The Radio: 1953 Pye P78 (purchased from eBay £29)

The internal speaker will be reused to start with (assuming it still works) as it is proving difficult to find a 4″x7″ replacement. Standard sizes are 4″x6″ and 5″x7″. The speaker port is cut into the Bakelite so it would appear to not be possible to use a separate mounting board.

The front screen will be replaced with either a 16×2 or 20×4 LCD screen to display radio station information etc.

I am hoping to use the existing dial positions to control volume and radio station / menu selection. This should be able to be achieved using rotary encoders. The dial on the side of the unit will be replaced with a switch wired to a Mausberry circuit to allow start up and a safe power down.

Computer: Raspberry Pi 3 (built in wifi) (circa £30 from PiSupply)



DAC/Amplifier : JustBoom AMP HAT (circa £60 from PiSupply)